Petibisou is not just a clothing brand, Petibisou is also a symbol of resilience and a labour of love of a mother

September 27, 2020 1 min read

Petibisou means “little kiss” in French (a mashup of Petit Bisou, the little spontaneous and endearing kiss that children give and also receive from their parents). The Clothing is primarily influenced by French classics with a  modern twist. The name Petibisou is not just a clothing brand, over the years Petibisou has also become a symbol of resilience, the love of a mother for her child. After Diane Conquest returned to the USA, she finally relaunched the brand that she started many years ago.
Diane believes in the necessity of passing down to the next generation the essence of a graceful living. This idea was the main inspiration behind the now popular Grace dress- which is hand-embellished with pearls on the sleeves.

She proudly says that "you are never too young to have style" and how can we disagree when these photos of how the little girls styled our dresses prove that to be true?
The designs are finely crafted by artisans with high-quality fabrics that Diane found during her trips to India. In the process, Petibisou empowers local women by providing them with fair-trade opportunities. These women contribute to their families and help send their children to school.

As a mother of two global children, not only does she believe that children are never too young to have style, she also truly believes in empowering all women. Both motherhood and childhood should be done with style! 

Petibisou clothes are the result of a global vision, a perfect mix of French subtle luxury and effortlessly cool designs with unexpected prints, colors, and patterns from around the World.

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